Studio 270 is the best photography studio in 2023! You MUST check it out!

In 1987, “Membership has it’s privileges” was an advertising slogan made famous by American Express. It’s as true then, as it is now and being a studio member of the luxurious, creative, rental space known as Studio 270, definitely has it’s privileges.

Studio 270 the best photography studio in 2023! It’s the new, artsy hotspot that’s creating a lot of buzz in both the photography and videography community. It has been made popular in a very short amount of time by Atlanta area creatives as this dynamic, fully furnished studio is a must for any artist’s portfolio.

Conveniently located just outside of the Atlanta Metro area, in Austell, Georgia, Studio 270 is on the 2nd floor of the historic Austell Threadmill Complex. You simply have to see it for yourself because words will not do this space justice. Best photography studio in 2023.

best photography studio in 2023

Liz by Design Photography’s Studio 270 Atlanta

Designed specifically for the Arts community by Liz Williams, owner of
Liz by Design Photography, Studio 270 was officially opened in March of 2023. It is open to the public and with flexible booking options, the creative space is available for rent.

It’s undoubtedly swanky and versatile enough for most any style of photography session but this space is absolutely perfect for Boudoir Photography sessions and Atlanta photographers have been very busy shooting here. Speaking of versatile, the spacious Studio 270 has also been used to host youth art camps, private events and by videographers to shoot music videos, among other things.

The bottom line is this place is badass. It’s a great place to create, whatever your medium, and scheduling a spot to create some magic of your own is in high demand as dates are filling up fast. In this article I will explain the opportunity of getting ahead of the wave by becoming a member of Studio 270 and why it is so advantageous for you, as a creative.

Studio 270 Has Lots Of Benefits & Everyone Loves Benefits

There’s no doubt about it, we all love benefits. Here’s a list of the perks you’ll receive with the Studio 270 membership package.




Now that you know what’s included, lets dive a little deeper into each privilege and what exactly they mean for you when you choose the best photography studio in 2023.

Benefit #1 – First Choice On Dates

This is just what it sounds like, each month, you will have the first choice on dates and/or times that you would like to schedule.

Benefit #2 – Einstein Flash Unit

There are two large shooting rooms inside Studio 270, one with natural lighting (16ft window) and one without natural lighting. In the room without the natural lighting, there are paper backdrops, wall mural, custom built props and a couch setup. The lighting system in this particular room is an Einstein Flash Unit and it is available members only. If you’re not yet a member you are certainly welcome to bring your own lighting system, there is plenty of room to accommodate additional equipment.

Studio 270 Photography Einstein Flash Unit

(Studio 270 Photography Einstein Flash Unit)

The invaluable
Einstein Flash Unit is part of a lighting system from Paul C. Buff and is specifically designed for focusing on action stopping, color consistency, and a broad power range. This invaluable piece of equipment is essential for professional photographers to elevate their craft.

Again, this unit is available only to Studio 270 Members, and as a member, Liz is here to help! She is happy to assist and can answer any questions you may have on how to utilize the Einstein Flash Unit. Studio 270 is simply the best photography studio in 2023!

Photography Model Einstein Light Studio 270

(Photo credit Liz by Design Photography)

Benefit #3 – Up To 16 Hours Of Studio Time Per Month

You will have access to up to 16 hours of studio time, per month. That’s twice the time, for half the price.

Benefit #4 – Calendar Share

This means you have access to a Google Share calendar along with other members. This allows you to see and schedule yourself accordingly without having to consult with Liz on available vacancies. Essentially, you are able to book yourself.

Benefit #5 – Reveal and Order Room Access

The Reveal and Order Room is a fully furnished, private space with luxury seating area for you and your clients to meet comfortably. There is a large wall mounted, high resolution, smart TV with internet access and a bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth remote with cursor.


Studio 270 Reveal Ordering Room Photography

The large screen television and wireless keyboard combination makes typing in web addresses or login information quick and easy, and the handheld remote works as a mouse, allowing you to point and click with an onscreen cursor. Whether you use Pixieset, Shootproof or any other website for high-res image viewing, the Reveal and Ordering Room is comfortable, private and it’s features are easy to access and operate for both you and your client.


Reveal Ordering Room Studio 270

(Studio 270 Reveal and Ordering Room)

Benefit #6 –
Personal Office Space

There are two offices available for you to use if needed. Both of these spaces have a window with curtains and a solid wooden door for privacy, a locally sourced and hand made wooden work desk and of course, fast and reliable wi-fi. Whether you need a break from remote work from home, a place to meet with clients or others, a quiet space to make some calls, or just a space to create in private, these personal office spaces are available to you.


Studio 270 Private Office Meeting Blue Room Photography

Studio 270 Blue Office Private Room

The offices are named “Blue Room” and “Green Room”. These private spaces are virtually identical, other than slight decor changes, the only real difference are the hand-painted murals. Pictured above is “Blue Room” and pictured below is “Green Room”.


Studio 270 Private Office Meeting Room Sales Photography

(Studio 270 Green Room Private Office)

Benefit #7 –
Client Closet Access

Thanks to Liz by Design Photography, Studio 270 has a Client Closet and members receive free access. Inside the Client Closet there are approximately 30 gowns and 30 boudoir outfits with sizes ranging from S-XXL, for interested clients. The gowns can be used for any type of shoot, including Maternity/Family/Newborns/Headshots sessions and branding as well.

The Boudoir specific outfits include baby doll, lingerie, and bodysuits. Afterwards, you’ll find the clothes hamper on the back of Client Closet door to place your worn items for wash. These items are all high quality and washed then returned to the Client Closet after each use. If you’re not a member, no worries, just inquire about add on cost to utilize the Client Closet.


Studio 270 Client Closet Gowns Hats Photography

(Studio 270 Client Closet Gowns Hats)

Benefit #8 –
Drinks and Snacks

Studio 270 has it’s own kitchen space, its located in the back and tucked away from the main shooting floor. Drinks and snacks are made  available at no additional cost. As for the snacks, these are a wide variety or snack sized treats such as chips, cookies, crackers and a few others. Regarding cold drinks, around here even the refrigerator is cool, literally and figuratively. It’s a stocked and hip looking, black Galanz refrigerator.

Studio 270 Kitchen Photography Drinks Snacks Coffee

(Studio 270 Kitchen Drinks, Snacks, Coffee, Black Retro Galanz Fridge Not Pictured)

Benefit #9 – Website Feature & Back-linking

The official Studio 270 website will list and backlink your website to increase your website’s SEO.

Benefit #10 – Low Maintenance

As a member of Studio 270, you have full access to all of the studio amenities, professional lighting equipment, client closet, kitchen area and priority booking options. What could be considered as the best perk of all is the fact that you won’t have any overhead, security costs, routine costs or maintenance costs. You will have the Best Photography Studio in 2023 to create your art without the backend concerns that typically come along with owning.

If you’re interested in renting Studio 270 by the hour, day or if you’re considering a monthly membership, please click here to contact Liz.

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