Welcome to Studio 270, the historic gem that is full of a variety of illustrious Atlanta photography studio sets and is nestled in the heart of the Atlanta metro area.

Our fully furnished Atlanta photography studio sets, with its rich legacy dating back almost a century, offers an array of breathtaking areas to fulfill the visions of content creators, videographers, and photographers alike. With 20-foot ceilings, stunning hardwood floors, and a timeless ambiance, Studio 270 is a haven for creativity. Join us as we unveil the 13 distinct areas that set this studio apart, each offering unique advantages to our esteemed renters.

1. The Enchanting Black Tulip Style Bathtub:
Steal the spotlight with our moveable black tulip style bathtub. This one-of-a-kind feature, complete with a fabric backdrop, can be effortlessly raised using our innovative pulley system. Outfitted with casters for easy repositioning, this elegant tub is perfect for capturing exquisite moments in a variety of genres, from whimsical fashion shoots to captivating boudoir photography.

Atlanta photography studio sets

Moveable Black Tulip Tub Studio Set – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

2. The Melodic Black Vintage Baby Grand Piano:
Compose visual symphonies with our black vintage baby grand piano. Its timeless allure adds an aura of elegance and sophistication to any shoot. Whether it’s a music video, a romantic engagement shoot, or a concept that calls for an artistic touch, this magnificent instrument is sure to inspire.

Vintage Black Baby Grand Piano Photo Studio Set Studio 270

Vintage Baby Grand Piano Studio Set – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

3. The Versatile Moveable Bed:
Embrace the art of lifestyle photography, newborn photography, maternity photography, and snuggly family portraits with our moveable bed. Equipped with wheels, this versatile prop allows you to curate the perfect scene effortlessly. Capture cherished moments in a cozy setting that emanates warmth and love.

Moveable Bed Photo Studio Sets - Studio 270

Moveable Bed Photo Studio Sets – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

4. The Ethereal Hanging Dried Floral Art Installation:
Immerse yourself in a dreamscape with our hanging dried floral art installation. Adorned with floating chiffon fabric, this captivating feature adds a touch of enchantment to any shoot. Whether you’re aiming for ethereal bridal photography, bohemian-inspired fashion editorials, or captivating portraiture, this unique installation promises to transport you to a realm of beauty and fantasy.

Hanging Dried Flowers and White Chiffon Photo Set - Studio 270

Hanging Dried Flowers With White Chiffon Photo Set Backdrop – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

5. The Timeless Black and White Wall Backdrop:
For a classic and timeless aesthetic, our black and white wall backdrop is the perfect choice. Its clean lines and contrasting tones provide a versatile canvas for various genres, from fashion shoots to product photography. Let your subjects take center stage against this backdrop that exudes sophistication and elegance.

Black White Photo Backdrop Studio Set - Studio 270

Black & White Photo Backdrop Studio Set – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

6. The Minimalist White Wall Background:
Simplicity meets elegance with our minimalist white wall background. Clean, crisp, and effortlessly chic, this backdrop is ideal for capturing minimalist aesthetics, highlighting vibrant subjects, or creating a fresh and airy atmosphere. Let your imagination run wild against this blank canvas of endless possibilities.

7. The Abundant Natural Light from our 16-Foot Industrial Window:
Invite the allure of natural light into your shoots with our large 16-foot industrial window. This expansive feature is a studio set in its own right as it floods the room with radiant sunlight, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Harness the power of natural lighting to accentuate your subjects, create stunning silhouettes, or infuse your work with an ethereal glow.

Large window natural light boudoir Studio Sets - Studio 270

Large Industrial Window Natural Light Studio Set – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

8. The Vibrant Printed Fabric Backdrop:
Unleash your creativity with our printed fabric backdrop. Bursting with color, patterns, and visual interest, this backdrop adds a lively touch to any shoot. From vibrant fashion editorials to imaginative conceptual photography, this feature serves as a dynamic backdrop that brings your vision to life.

Vibrant Printed Fabric Backdrop

Vibrant Printed Fabric Backdrop – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

9. The Playful Swing:
Suspend your subjects in mid-air with our captivating swing, hanging 17 feet from the ceiling. Featuring a wooden bench seat and black cotton rope, this whimsical addition injects playfulness and movement into your frames. Whether it’s a fun-filled family shoot or an imaginative fashion editorial, this swing offers boundless opportunities for creative expression.

Playful Swing Photo Studio Sets Studio 270

Playful Swing Area, Atlanta photography studio sets – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

10. The Array of Solid Color Paper Backdrops:
Dive into a world of endless possibilities with our collection of solid color paper backdrops. With multiple color options to choose from, you can effortlessly set the mood and create visual impact. Whether you desire a vibrant pop or a muted palette, these versatile backdrops enable you to curate scenes that speak volumes.

Black Paper Photo Backdrop Studio Sets Studio 270

Black Paper Photo Backdrop, Studio Sets – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

11. The Striking Blue and Gold Mural:
Make a bold statement with our wall adorned with a captivating blue and gold mural. This artistic masterpiece serves as a stunning backdrop for fashion shoots, editorial photography, and imaginative storytelling. Let your subjects become part of the art, infusing your work with depth and visual intrigue.

Gold Navy Wall Mural Photo Set Background Studio 270 Photo Credit Liz by Design Photography

Gold & Navy Wall Mural Photo Set – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

12. The Majestic Vertical Mirror:
Reflect beauty and grandeur with our large vertical mirror, boasting a decorative gold frame. Positioned on the floor and leaning against a wall, this mirror creates a captivating visual element, adding depth and dimension to your compositions. Incorporate this feature into your shoots to capture unique perspectives and evoke a sense of enchantment.

Decorative Gold Vertical Mirror Studio Set Backdrop Studio 270

Decorative Gold Vertical Mirror Studio Set – Studio 270 Photo Credit: Liz by Design Photography

At Studio 270, your creative visions will flourish amidst the 13 remarkable areas that await you. From the moveable black tulip style bathtub to the captivating blue and gold mural, each space offers its own distinctive advantages and possibilities. Unlock your artistic potential and explore the vast potential of Studio 270, a place where dreams become reality and creative endeavors thrive. Book your session today and let Studio 270 elevate your work to new heights. Atlanta photography studio sets

If you’re planning to create some amazing content and need the perfect place to do so, click here to contact Liz for assistance in renting the magical Studio 270.

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